Tales from Thrist Zone is a graphic novel about Thrift Zone that contains three short stories ("A Wedger for Everyone", "Wedgers on the Run", and "Shop and Don't Stop").

Plot Summary Edit

A Wedger for Everyone Edit

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Haliegh Kelly Myorgan tries to convince Jed and Joe that using a wedger is a healthy practice when it comes to hygiene. However, she fails to prove her point.

Wedgers on the Run Edit

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Haliegh will not leave Jed and Joe alone, and will often run through the store with a wedger screaming at them to use it to practice good hygiene.

Shop and Don't Stop Edit

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By this point, Jed and Joe are sick of Haliegh. She decides its time she go for a big shopping trip...this time, with the two clerks as her advisors.

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