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Season 1: Clever Times is the first season of Ol' Bum-Bum. The first season primarily focuses on Haliegh Kelly Myorgan getting used to a new school.

Plot Edit

"First Day of School" Edit

Haliegh Kelly Myorgan is put in a situation where she must choose between her best friend, Sally Firmbottom, and her favorite teacher, Ms. Nippu.

Episodes Edit

1.01 "First Day of School" Haliegh Kelly is forced to decide between staying at Seashell Elementary to be with her best friend, Sally Firmbottom, or go to Black Bear School, where her favorite teacher, Ms. Nippu, is being transferred to.
1.02 "Making My Clever Selection" Ms. Nippu confronts Haliegh with making the decision of which of her two best friends deserves entering the Best Black Bear Club.
1.03 "A Day at the Candy Store" TBD
1.04 "Haliegh Meets the Enemy" TBD
1.05 "N.O. Waye Strikes Back" TBD
1.06 "My Clever One" TBD
1.07 "Smoke Rising" TBD
1.08 "Seeing Pink" TBD
1.09 "Big Dreams" TBD
1.10 "I Am Silly" TBD (Finale)

Trivia Edit