Michael Lashian
Michael Lashian (Store Santa)
Physical Traits
Name Michael Lashian
Gender Male
Race White
Height 5'8"
Weight 185 lbs.
Hair Color Black
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Occupation Store Santa
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Michael Lashian is the store Santa at Crosstown Mall in California.

Biography Edit

Not So Merry Christmas Edit

Michael was hired at the Crosstown Mall as the mall Santa to have children sit on his lap. However, on Christmas Eve, 2012, members of the Cutie Girlz visited the mall. It was then he experienced the worst moment of his "career". Mellissa Deg asked for an art kit, but paused awkwardly after stating what she wanted. In addition, Haliegh Kelly Myorgan crushed his legs with Ol' Bum-Bum and gave him a long list. He then slapped her, prompting her to run off crying. It is unknown what became of him after the holiday season.

Personality and Traits Edit

It was quite apparent that Michael Lashian hated his job, and didn't want anything to do with it except for the $10 an hour he was getting. He looked nothing like the role he was to portray, and had multiple piercings on his right ear.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael Lashian was voiced by Mandalorian1428.
  • He is never mentioned by name.

Appearances Edit