Mary Mariana
Physical Traits
Name Mary Mariana
Gender Female
Race Latino-American
Height 4'5"
Weight 82 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Life Born: August 14th, 2000
Died: N/A
Occupation Student
Relations Haliegh Kelly Myorgan (Friend)
Juan Mariana (Father)
First Appearance TBA (First YouTube appearance - "Not So Merry Christmas")
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Voice Actor Mandalorian1428
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Mary Mariana (born August 14th, 2000) is a friend of Haliegh Kelly Myorgan who lives in Crosstown, California.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Mary Mariana is the only daughter of Juan Mariana, a sailor who spent most of his life on the ocean. Like her father, she spent the first five years of her life on a boat on the seas, giving her excellent sea legs. Her mother had divorced Juan, leaving the two to be on their own. Mary eventually met Haliegh Kelly Myorgan at Black Bear School.

"Not So Merry Christmas" Edit

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On Christmas, Mary was baking cookies with Annie Mulsworth. Everyone gathered around the fire for a while, leaving the cookies in the oven to scorch. When Annie realized something was burning, Mary rushed to go get them, but knocked over the Christmas tree and set it on fire. She then cast blame onto Haliegh, who had nothing to do with it. Eventually, she apologized for her behavior.

Personality and Traits Edit

Mary, despite being kind, has a blaming nature that was taught to her by her father. Juan's personal quote, "Do not blame yourself but blame those who surround you.", explains this personality's origin. She has short black hair and a tan complexion.

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