Ham Stew 4 Rent was a street gang that inhabited part of Pussleville, California.

History Edit

Ham Stew 4 Rent established itself in 2006 when Denby Holt, Chris Bugle, and Ryan Belch decided to form a gang in order to try and conquer the town of Pussleville. In 2008, their plans began to form into realities when they found Haliegh Kelly Myorgan in the Pussleville Apartments. They soon developed a plot to capture her apartment as a stronghold. At first, it worked, as she gave up the apartment quickly, and they soon had control over all of it. She then decided to take matters into her own hands, quickly seizing it back.

Members Edit

Chris Bugle Edit

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Chris Bugle was the head of the gang in its later years, despite the fact Denby was the creator of Ham Stew 4 Rent.

Denby Holt Edit

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Although never holding the leader position, Denby was the founder of Ham Stew 4 Rent. He was known as the muscle of the group since he had played several sports in his youth.

Ryan Belch Edit

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Ryan was always the quietest of the group due to his antisocial tendencies.

Trivia Edit

  • AnimationCity Shop released three replica shirts of the ones worn by the boys.

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