Billy Joe's Silly Matches 4 Kids is a brand of matches that come in a colorful box that attracts children.

Description Edit

The box, which came in a salmon color, featured the image of a man allegedly named "Billy Joe" who has patched hair and wears fairy wings. In the average pack, there were 15 matches included. Most reasonable parents didn't buy the product due to the fact it promoted playing with matches. In the case of Haliegh Kelly Myorgan, she got them because of the "fairy man" on the front and the fact it said "Silly Matches 4 Kids".

Trivia Edit

  • The tagline is "He may be a serial killer...but he sure is fun!", regarding Billy Joe.
  • Billy Joe is seen seing "Hey kids! I'm on perole!"
  • The box only makes a brief appearance in Not So Merry Christmas, but it remains as one of Mandalorian1428's favorite gags.

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