AnimationCity is an animation and production comany created by YouTuber Mandalorian1428.

History Edit

AnimationCity was created by Mandalorian1428 in 2007, though it was not named at the time. The first official product of AnimationCity at the time was Ol' Bum-Bum, which wasn't even planned to be a real show until 2011. Various other characters started joining the company, such as Matt and Dave. Several sub-factions of AnimationCity have also been added.

Subfactions Edit

Gaming World Edit

Gaming World is AnimationCity's gaming counterpart that focuses on game help and walkthroughs. Though at the moment it does not have a YouTube channel, it does have a number of websites and spinoffs in order to gain internet traction.

Ghostly World Edit

Ghostly World is the paranormal branch of AnimationCity, and is considered the most popular AC spinoff to date. As a paranormal database, it is being put in motion to become the largest of its kind.

Odd Fanfictions Edit

This site and YouTube channel features fanfictions and fanvideos by Mandalorian1428.

Shows Edit

Show Title About
Fledge Flodge Fledge Flodge, a crazy jockey from Oregon, deals with a series of strange situations along with his sister.
Ol' Bum-Bum A young girl named Haliegh Kelly Myorgan deals with bullying, friends, and various situations.
Slidly Clump The son of an athletic father, Slidly Clump deals with being a dumb and unathletic kid.
Handy the Severed Hand and Company Handy Handington and his family's daily life.
The Infection Desmond McHale must fight against a zombie apocalypse that was brought up by a contagion.
Matt and Dave Two teenage boys in their every day life.
Star Wars: The Galaxy Wars A fanon twist on Star Wars.
Stupid Stickman Various comedical situations that Stupid Stickman must deal with.
AnimationCity World Wonders Videos and slideshows of nature, the world, and inventions.
Top 20 Creepiest Haunted Places in America A slideshow of the top 20 haunted places.
Top 20 Creepiest Haunted Places: International Top 20 Creepiest Haunted Places goes international.
LEGO Stopmotions While not a show, LEGO stopmotions is a category of shows.
LEGO Pawn Stars A LEGO stopmotion of the hit History Channel series "Pawn Stars".
LEGO Hatfields & McCoys A LEGO stopmotion miniseries of the History Channel series "Hatfields & McCoys".
Warped Warriors A group of modern infantry gets warped into different wars of history.
Waffle and a Cheez Nut A strange abstract comedy with a slideshow of pictures.
Spyro the Dragon: The Movie A movie of the hit 1998 PlayStation game, "Spyro the Dragon".

Trivia Edit

  • AnimationCity began years ago, but never posted their shows on YouTube.
  • Its logo is the AnimationCity Orb.