Abigail Nippu
Physical Traits
Name Abigail Nippu
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Height 5'7"
Weight 132 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Life Born: October 19th, 1975 in Nevada
Died: N/A
Occupation Teacher
Relations Haliegh Kelly Myorgan (Student)
First Appearance "First Day of School"
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Voice Actor Mandalorian1428
Gallery Abigail Nippu Gallery

Abigail Nippu is a teacher at Black Bear School, and one of Haliegh Kelly Myorgan's best friends.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

While Abigail Nippu's early life isn't much known, it is known that she formerly lived in Nevada during her childhood. During her early twenties, she worked at a number of casinos to earn money for college. After making enough, she went to a university to become a teacher. For a short while, she was employed at Cutie Kisses Day Care, where she met Haliegh Kelly Myorgan and Sally Firmbottom, along with a number of other children. Haliegh had formed such an attachment to Ms. Nippu that when it came time for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school, Ms. Nippu had to come and teach. She became a popular teacher at Seashell Elementary in Pussleville, California.

Seashell Elementary Edit

Abigail Nippu worked at Seashell Elementary for two years until her boss said that she needed to transfer to Black Bear School if she wanted to keep her job as a teacher. Since she could not afford to leave her job, she had to accept. Haliegh and Sally were devastated since it was so far away from their apartments. In the end, they were able to go to the school to be with Ms. Nippu.

Black Bear School Edit

Ms. Nippu remained at the school for several years, as it was both an elementary school and a middle school.

Personality and Traits Edit

Though she does not have a multiple personality disorder, Abigail Nippu had two sides to her personality that not many knew about. On one side (her more exposed one), she was kind, compassionate, and very interested in helping children succeed in whatever they are doing. On the other side, she was avidly involved in rabbit hunting, and owned a gun she named "Old Trusty" that she would use on her hunting trips. Her best friend, Janet Trebeaux, would often hunt together. She is most known for her bright red hair and smooth voice.

Trivia Edit

  • Ms. Nippu refers to Haliegh as a "special student".
  • On her days off, she goes on rabbit hunting expeditions with Janet.
  • She owns a video game called Extreme Rabbit Hunting.

Appearances Edit